Our Services

LP Transportation, Inc. has been in the Propane (LPG) business since 1948, and the Butane business since 1985. We operate in excess of 200 trailers, with the ability to lease additional tractors/trailers as needed. Our operating area ranges from Maine to Virginia, and we provide year round service 24 hours per day from over forty five (45) origins. Knowing that we have the fleet in place at or near most origins gives our customers the flexibility should plans change or pricing opportunities arise.

Through our network of 36 truck depots and terminal locations strategically located throughout the northeast we are able to construct a virtual pipeline so you are always connected to your supply source. We focus on establishing a year round partnership with our customers, so that we can properly service them during the peak and off-peak seasons.

L.P. Transportation, Inc. has been in the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) transportation business since 1969. Our growing LNG fleet currently stands at Forty Eight (48) with the ability to lease additional tractors and trailers as needed.

Our operating area includes Montreal to Virginia, and we provide year round service 24 hours per day from liquid loading facilities throughout the Northeast. We also provide LNG transportation services to Alternative Fuel markets on the East Coast. Other services include portable pipeline vaporization projects.

L.P. Transportation, Inc. is a responding company under the “LNG Trucking Emergency Response Plan” for the Northeast, as a member of the Northeast Gas Association and a member of its LNG Trucking Task Force.

In addition to propane and liquefied natural gas, L.P. Transportation, Inc. has significant experience in transporting a wide variety of other types of fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, and  fuel oil, as well as hazardous materials like anhydrous ammonia, liquid Chlorine and industrial gases (Cryogenics). In each application, L.P. Transportation brings decades of experience, an extensive delivery network, and best in class logistics and safety systems to each hauling project.

We can repair your propane delivery trucks (bobtails), transport trailers, and tractors!

LP has a 13 bay repair shop and a staff of 15 dedicated to keeping our customer’s vehicles on the road. Our experienced staff and technicians follow current Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and manufacturer’s guidelines to repair customer vehicles. We treat customer trucks, trailers, and tractors as if they were L.P. owned and we offer you the same first class service that keeps L.P. safe and reliable.

We are a Federal DOT Cargo Tank (CT) registered repair facility and a registered New York State Heavy Vehicle Inspection station.

We utilize our in-house Preventive Maintenance (PM) programs to inspect every system in your vehicle for wear and potential failures. We identify parts that need to be replaced before they fail. We have received training from Michelin, Detroit, Freightliner, Cummins, SKF, Horton, Hendrickson, Meritor, Blackmer, and Liquid Controls (LC) to name a few. Our technicians are dedicated to making sure your vehicles are safe and reliable.

Our main terminal, headquartered in Chester, NY, is fully staffed with a state-of-the-art 24/7 logistics/operations center.

LP's expert logistics team is matched with the most advanced technology, highly trained drivers and best in class practices focused on keeping your facility safe and your storage full. With Internet-based services providing in transit shipment visibility and supply-chain management, we know where your delivery is from origin to destination. In conjunction with our best in class logistics, customer based remote tank reading can help LP monitor your inventory level and keep your tank use optimized.

Our entire logistics process is designed to optimize our customer's storage facilities helping to remove the uncertainty, inefficiency, and lack of visibility with the storage supply chain.

What Sets Us Apart

LP has been vetted and approved by the most rigorous public and privately held companies in the country. With so much at stake, our customers are protecting their assets and reputation by holding carriers to the highest standards of safety and security. Public and privately owned companies’ alike demand that their assets and reputation are protected. LP exceeds the minimum insurance requirement which makes us a worthily financial partner.

The corporate and administrative offices are based at our Chester, NY terminal. The hub of our operation, managed by our expert logistics team, is our fully staffed 24/7 operations center with a first tier safety department and emergency response team. Chester also supports our customers' fleet, as well as our own through its 13 bay maintenance facility. More important than our capabilities is our team of drivers, logistics professionals, mechanics and office staff. At LP our talented professionals are there to ensure that transportation to your plant or terminal is seamless.

Our company continues to strive to reach the highest levels of safety and security. For more information on L.P. Transportation, Inc., see our motor carrier profile listed under our DOT number (018644) on the Federal Motor Carrier website (safer.fmcsa.dot.gov).

How Can We Help You?

Everyday LP Transportation serves its customers with the highest standards in, "Service, Safety, and Reliability."